Title : dm_lostarena
Date : 8th October 2007
Filename : dm_lostarena.bsp
Gametype : HL2DM
Playercount : 2-8 maybe
Author : Swot
Email Address : use contact on website
ICQ Number : 171760752
IRC Channel(s) : #xe-team
Home Page : www.swot.here.de
Clan Page : www.xe-team.de

Description : medium sized map for HL2DM University contest.

Credits: All custom models by robbybubble or myself! /!\ It is not allowed to use the custom content for other maps/mods without permission!
Thanks to all other (clan)mates for the great feedback!
have fun!
Other Levels by myself (for HL²): dm_frenzy, dm_biohazard, dm_octagon


* Construction *

Spawnpoints : 10
Editor used : Valve Hammer Editor 4.1
Known Bugs : There shouldn't be any profoundly bugs - otherwise tell me :)
Worth knowing : All custom content is embedded to the bsp!

Build Time : Approximately 3 months

Compile machine : Core 2 Duo 2,2GHz with 2GBs of RAM
VBSP Time : 3 seconds
VVIS Time : 4 seconds
VRAD Time : 5m 36s (with -StaticPropPolys -smooth "80")


You want some screens? here you go:

Overview: no description available.

Screen1: no description available.

Screen2: no description available.

Screen3: no description available.

Screen4: Render created by robbybubble

Download dm_lostarena [8,15 MB]