meAbout me

I assume you want to get some more information about me by visiting this section.

Okay here we go: I was born on 19th Februray 1987 in Germany. At the moment I am living in a town named Lich. I finished school 2006, made the civilian service and now I am studying Information and Communications Engineering (diploma) since fall 2007. A very interesting course of studies - you have to deal with software, electronics, bits and bytes etc . Furthermore I had an additional occupation from 2008 to 2010.

In my free time I like to watch good movies, go out with my friends, running and of course some gaming. My favorite games are HL2:DM, L4D, Portal and TF2 (ok they messed that one up since having all those items).

Around the year 2000 I had the first chance to create some own content for a game. I realized that it can be kinda fun to produce some maps. That was the first contact with Valves map editor. Of course my first steps were really crappy in Worldcraft (whose were not), but I sticked to that stuff and became better. Today - after 10 years of experience I am able to create a clean brushwork, materials and models for the Source Engine. I have to admit that it costs a lot of time and there is always real life which has a higher priority. If there is not much time I amjust visiting some forums and try to help people with their mapping problems.

Many people asked me if there will be another map for HL2:DM. I can only say that there is a promising draft for a map on my hard disk ... Let's see.